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A natural and confident writing voice helps humanize your site and generate interest

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Business owners generally struggle with providing creative web content that not only flows well, but contains naturally keyword-rich copy that increases SEO and social media power. You can only write for Internet users AND search engines if you understand how both consume content. Who’s visiting your web site and what do they want to know? Is your web site rich …


Mobile website for more business visibility

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Most businesses and entertainers have given very little consideration to their mobile web presence and/or really don’t have any idea why this is becoming an essential piece of the pie. “I have a web site what do I need this for?” By 2013 more people will use their mobile phones than pc’s to get online –Google GoMo The quick answer …


[how-to] QR codes on wine bottle, Google Analytics tracking, mobile website

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Dilemma: Our client needs to deliver people from a print piece on a Brunello wine bottle to a place on our website that mobile users can read extensive production information and food pairing recipes AND we need to track where these users are coming from. Brunello represents fine dining and an upscale, classy vibe so in addition to doing this …


Website and Social Media Audit

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You have a web guy, maybe on staff or maybe a freelancer. Generally everyone hates their web guy because they are often difficult to get a hold of or have an inability to communicate in “English”. Maybe they have very elaborate excuses or over-complicated pricing. The core reason is, it’s not their full time job or their business, it’s something …

Pinterest explained

[audio] Pinterest explained for our clients and casual internet users

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“Pinterest (pronounced to rhyme with “interest”) is a vision board-styled social photo sharing website and app where users can create and manage theme-based image collections. The mission statement of Pinterest is to connect everyone in the world through shared tastes and the “things” they find interesting.” The reason Pinterest is awesome is because of it’s simplicity. You like a photo, …


10 tips and insights about social media and the Internet for 2012

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Want to be involved in Social Media in 2012? Read this: Mobile – Mobile, tablet and desktop will all carry equal weight. Mobile accounts for more than 50% of all searches and most businesses have not considered this fact. By 2013 smart phones be free. Google is now Social Media – Google connects your WordPress website, connects your smart phone, …


9 Organic Google boosting tips from Bakermedia


This is the magic solution and this is what we help our clients achieve: Start with a WordPress base for your site architecture. Period. Your company will never ever ever be able to create a site in-house or externally that can compete with the collective genius put into the development of WordPress and it’s infinite extensibility. A solid Google account …