All Aboard The Pizza Train!


Every year we turn the clocks back an hour and we slowly but surely slip into darkness. We usually make it through the holiday season without it bothering us too much but once we settle into January the darkness of the season can be a bit depressive. I think we find ourselves getting bored more easily on the weekends because it gets dark at 4:30pm. Thanks to a friend (Edi May Macri, owner of Bikram Yoga Shelton) we received a wonderful tip for beating “stuck in the house” syndrome.

If you’re looking for a little adventure one winter weekend we have a great idea for you New Haven and Fairfield County folks. The pizza train is where it’s at!!! Your little ones will love a sweet ride on the Metro North train and if it’s their first time shorter may be better. Grab the choo choo from your destination to downtown Fairfield then walk a few short blocks to Colony Grill and you’ll have yourself a nice little night out. If your children are under 5, they ride the train for free and weekends are off-peak trains so a family of 4 won’t exceed $11 round-trip train fare from Milford to Fairfield. With the cost of gas these days, I don’t think that’s a bad option for weekend travel and the kids will be so excited.

The wonderful thing is Mom and Dad feel like they’re having a “night out” even though it might only be 5pm. Colony is awesome because it is family-friendly especially at that time, so if your little guy feels like yelling Yo Gabba Gabba songs no one will give you the evil eye. Did I mention how good their pies are? Then when you’re almost full, walk over to Pinkberry for dessert, and then train it back home. This is a really nice time out whether you need to catch up with good friends or just do something different with the family. We are going to aim to do this once a month with our little family because it’s a great time for laughing and bonding and we all could use it these days.