A natural and confident writing voice helps humanize your site and generate interest

your written voice

Business owners generally struggle with providing creative web content that not only flows well, but contains naturally keyword-rich copy that increases SEO and social media power. You can only write for Internet users AND search engines if you understand how both consume content. Who’s visiting your web site and what do they want to know? Is your web site rich with quality information that is both compelling and searchable? Is your content useful, narrative or inspiring? Will people relate to it and as a result share it with others?

Content is the heart of your website, and that also applies to blogs, social media engagement, newsletters, viral videos, etc. Web readers are impatient so creativity is king. This is where the human voice comes in. Your content must provide “personality” to stand out. Meaningful headlines, catchy introductions, harnessing the power of links and using relevant keywords to rank your pages are a few other tricks of the trade. Once you’ve improved your content, you can better utilize SEO and social media for the distribution of that content, and as a result, attract visitors and ultimately customers!

As your local creative agency, Bakermedia understands the art of web writing and provides this personal service to all of our customers. We come up with inventive ways to showcase your business. Here are a few creative writing samples that have a human voice and utilize SEO and social media power. They span across corporate websites, business blogs, lifestyle articles, e-mail newsletters and social networks.