How To Create A Search Engine Marketing Campaign

Hi, I’m Kaleb Baker the owner of Market Hoot, a full service digital marketing agency.

In the content below I am going to show you how to build a successful search advertising campaign for your business!

Google generates literally over a trillion search results every year and is a big influencer of traffic online. Creating a search engine marketing advertising campaign can be a huge benefit to your business and increase your revenue opportunities substantially. 

Let’s dive into the details and benefits of search engine marketing. 

-Kaleb Baker

The Google search network delivers millions of search results every single day. Each one of the users leveraging Google to search for a product, service or information has the desire for a solution or answer. 

Google acts as the middle man between your customers and your business offerings. The key to a successful search marketing campaign is learning how to profitably work with Google’s Ad platform to enable your business to grow. 

The Benefits of Google Ads

Unlike traditional advertising where results and ROI are not as easy to track, with Google Ads and Google Analytics you can track everything. This is of course, one of the primary benefits of search engine marketing.

Some consumers dislike this fact but it is the current agreement Google has with its users. Google says: if you are going to use our platform for free, we are going to allow our advertisers to show you relevant ads on your search query and collect a fee each time you click on it.

There is clearly value extended on both sides and the majority of users accept this agreement because the only ads that are shown are the ones relevant to the searchers intent. More on that later.

The main point is, Google’s platform is a direct marketers dream. Every result is tracked, each click accounted for and all website activity recorded. Being able to track your results in real-time is of monumental value.

If you knew each time you spent $1 in advertising you could get back $5 would you keep making that trade? I certainly would, and then it is simply a matter of scaling.