How to Improve Your Business Reputation & Reviews

Hi, I’m Kaleb Baker the owner of Baker Media a full service digital marketing agency.

In the content below I am going to show you how to improve your business reputation and reviews!

Having a high number of reviews along with a solid star rating is vital to ensure your business or organization continues to grow. In fact, nearly 93% of internet users read online reviews when looking at small businesses.

Let me show you the importance of reviews and how they affect your ranking in major search engines. Additionally, I will cover how reviews impact the amount traffic going to your site and what you can do to increase it.

-Kaleb Baker

Let's Talk About Google

Searches Per Year

Yes, you are reading that correctly. Google receives nearly 1.2 TRILLION searches each year. Which breaks down to about 3.5 billion searches per day or 40,000 searches every single second.

It goes without saying that ranking on this search engine will benefit your business. Now let’s dive into how reviews come into play here.

Google My Business


Google launched its “Google My Business” platform back in June of 2014. Since then, it has completely changed the way consumers interact with small businesses. Here are some startling statistics:

  1. 97% of people search for local businesses online.
  2. 93% read online reviews about businesses.
  3. Consumers look at 2+ review sites before making a buying decision.
  4. 85% of people trust online reviews like a personal recommendation.
  5. 77% of consumers think reviews older than 3 months aren’t relevant.

Google Reviews

Since the concept of online reviews was launched the pendulum of power swung from the business owner to the consumer. Today consumers have a huge impact on local businesses and product reviews. If you provide a sub par experience or offer a poor product, more likely than not it will soon be reflected on one of many review platforms. 

The key to overcoming poor reviews is simply to setup a system to bring an influx of new 5 star reviews to your business regularly. This is what we can do for you and your business through our specialized software and review generation platform. 

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